Foes of State Senator Pearce Submit 18 Thousand Signatures to Recall Seat

Phoenix, AZ – Pearce has been at the center of the debate over illegal immigration for years and has been the author of several new laws to crack down on those who employ them and give police more power to detain and arrest them. But Mary Lou Boettcher, a Mesa Republican who helped with the petitions, said that's only a small part of the issue.

(I feel that the state Legislature is listening to Russell Pearce and not using their own ideas. I feel there's too many things happened to education and to the health care within this state. And, of course, some of the things in immigration that I don't approve of.)

But Pearce said that the people who are pushing to oust him in the middle of his term are not representative of the those who elected him to office in the first place -- and not representative of voters in general.

(These are not folks that a pro-America. These are folks that a pro-lawbreakers over law-keepers, have no respect for the laws, have no respect for what Arizona's tried to accomplish, no respect for America in terms of the fact that across America they support what Arizona's done three to one.)

Backers need for just 7,756 of the signatures to prove valid to force an election. But the question of whether that vote will be in November or March depends on how long county officials take to tabulate the signatures and whether Gov. Jan Brewer takes the full 15 days she has to call the election. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.