Flake Paints Carmona as Obama Democrat

Oct 10, 2012

Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Richard Carmona laid out distinct differences on most issues during last night's debate in Phoenix.

The two rivals are campaigning for the seat left open by retiring Senator Jon Kyl.

And the republican did his best to characterize the democrat as an echo of President Obama.

The two didn't agree on much last night.

Not on goverment spending on infrastructure.

Richard Carmona supports it to get the economy going, Jeff Flake doesn't.

Not on health care legislation.

Jeff Flake voted against the Affordable Care Act, Carmona, a former Surgeon General, says everyone should have access to affordable care.

And not on immigration.

Carmona supports the Dream Act, Flake doesn't.

Because democrats are a clear minority in Arizona, Carmona needs independent voters.

And Flake, a six term republican Congressman worked hard to paint his rival as an Obama Democrat espeically on the issue of the economy.

"Doctor Carmona, I will give him this, he's a quick study," Flake said.  "He's only been a democrat a year now, but he's adopted the democrat playbook through and through, that the source of jobs in this country is the federal government and not businesses and entrepreneurs."

Carmona boasted his history as a registered independent who has worked with Democrats and Republicans including President George W. Bush.

He decided to run for the Senate seat after being courted by Arizona Democrats last year.

Polls have two running very closely

Carmona and Flake have scheduled two more debates.

One in Tucson on Oct 15 and one in Yuma on the 25th.