Five Inmates Injured In Riot At Douglas Prison

Aug 28, 2017

Douglas Prison
Credit Arizona Department of Corrections

Authorities say five inmates were seriously injured when fights broke out at a state prison on Arizona's southern border, KGUN-TV reports.

Andrew Wilder from the Arizona Department of Corrections says five inmates were seriously injured and have been taken to the hospital, the TV station reports. Four corrections officers were treated on the scene after they were assaulted during the incident while trying to control inmates, according to KGUN.

Arizona Department of Corrections officials say the riot started shortly before 8 p.m. Sunday with fights between groups of prisoners in the medium-custody Mohave unit, which has 940 beds. The station says inmates there are not locked in cells and have free access to the yard during the day.

Corrections officials say the unit was locked down and tactical support units were called in to end the disturbance, which lasted about an hour.