Feds ready for possible election fraud

Phoenix, AZ – Federal officials say they are ready to step in and investigate
if there is evidence of any crimes being committed during
Tuesday's voting. Arizona Public Raido's Howard Fischer explains.

Both the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI plan to have staffers
on duty if there are complaints. Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary
Restaino said it's simply a matter of caution.

(We don't expect any cheating at the polls. Nor would it be easy
to cheat in Arizona. But in the event that people observe
election day crimes we would encourage them to let us know so
that we can communicate with the FBI or get another appropriate
law enforcement organization to investigate.)

Restaino said problems tend to fall into two areas. One is people
casting ballots who are not eligible. The other is the illegal
deterrence of eligible voters.

(That includes the supression of minority, racial and ethnic
voices and other dirty campaign tricks that can be played on
election day to suppress the vote.)

Restaino said while all problems might not be resolved
immediately, it is important for investigators to get a timely
start on any inquiry. Anyone with complaints can contact the U.S.
Attorney's Office toll free at 800-800-2570.

For Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard Fischer.