Donations Being Taken for SB1070 Lawsuit

Phoenix, AZ – The governor set up the fund last month to solicit contributions
to help her defend SB 1070 from the lawsuits already filed. There
was an initial spurt and then donations leveled off. That was,
however, until the Department of Justice filed its own challenge
Tuesday. That brought in $150,000 that day alone with a nearly
identical amount Wednesday. And only about one dollar out of
every five is from Arizonans. Thomas Chaput of Georgia said he
had a good reason for sending his $20.

(Because our president is stupid.)

(Me: I take it your not a big fan of the lawsuit that's been
filed against....)

(You take it I'm not a big fan of crazy liberals in Washington
who decide they want to suck off the government trough.)

Margaret Cuddeback of Maryland said she and her husband Thomas
gave $100 because she is, in her words, very annoyed with the
federal government lawsuit. She said they're not wealthy people,
being retired and living off their savings.

(We don't give $100 to things very... We're generous. But it has
to be something that is worthwhile. And we thought that this was

Overall the donations now are in the half-million dollar range.
For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.