A Divided Legislature Gives Final Approval on Tax Packages for Business

Phoenix, AZ – The votes were largely along party lines, with Republicans in
support. Democrats like Rep. Tom Chabin said the plan will cut
state revenues by $538 million. But he said no one has considered
what that means.

(Tuition will be higher at our universities, tuition will be
higher at our community colleges, there will be fewer officers in
the Department of Public Safety, there will be larger classrooms
in our public schools and people, vulnerable people, will remain
ill and some will die.)

Other Democrats complained that the provisions, including a 28
percent cut in corporate income taxes, are taking place without
any assurance that they will lead to more jobs for Arizonans.
House Speaker Kirk Adams said no legislation comes with a

(But this much we know: By reducing taxes on business employers,
on entrepreneurs, by getting competitive again, Arizona will
finally thankfully be in the game.)

And Adams said he expects the shift in tax policy will lure more
companies to the state, resulting in a net increase in tax
collections. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.