Democrats make last push for Governor to veto budget

Flagstaff, AZ – It's not just that Democrats don't like the $630 million in new spending cuts. Senate Minority Leader Jorge Garcia said he
believes that, given enough time, a deal can be negotiated with
the Republican governor for a bipartisan budget. What that means
for Brewer is coming up with the votes for her plan to put a
temporary hike the state sales tax on the ballot, something she
has been unable to get out of the Republican-controlled
Legislature. But Senate President Bob Burns has a different

(My advice, my position, whatever, has been that she ought to
sign those. Get that cricial part of this whole exercise behind

Burns said at that point lawmakers can deal with Brewer's demand
for more revenues. But Garcia said if Brewer signs the budget --
especially a provision to permanently repeal the state property
tax -- she can kiss the sales tax hike goodbye.

(If she signs that, I think she's lost all her bargaining chips
for getting the referral. There won't be enough Rs to support it.
And there won't be enough Ds to support it.)

Time is running out for a decision: Brewer has until the end of
the day Wednesday to sign or veto the Republican budget plan. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.