Cowboy Junkies Frontwoman Reflects on "Trinity Revisited"

Flagstaff, AZ – Since the invention of the I-pod, many of us have moved our CDs from the stereo cabinet to the office where they've become a dusty collection of nostalgia. And for several million of us worldwide, that collection includes an album from 1988 called, The Trinity Session, by the Toronto-based band, Cowboy Junkies. The album was recorded in one session, on one microphone at Toronto's Holy Trinity Church. The setting was a perfect match for the hauntingly beautiful voice of lead singer Margo Timmins.

Twenty years later, the Cowboy Junkies went back to the church to re-record the songs for this year's commemorative album, Trinity Revisited. The band is now touring the U.S. with a stop in Flagstaff. Margo Timmins spoke with Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl about why the FIRST album was such a hit with American audiences.