Clean Sweep for Republicans Running for Statewide Office

Phoenix, AZ – The sweep started right at the top, with incumbent Jan Brewer
handily defeating Terry Goddard. But Brewer acknowledged in her
victory speech that this wasn't simply an Arizona phenomenon.

(Tonight the people have redeemed and renewed America. Tonight
we've foreclosed on a House: The one that used to be run by Nancy

Goddard agreed that much of the problems that faced Arizona
Democrats this year originated in Washington.

(It seems that there was some problems with overreaching perhaps
by the administration. We certainly felt that here that people
either didn't understand what had happened or were very
questioning of it. Let's say there were messaging errors along
the way. I think a lot of good stuff has been done. Obviously
that didn't translate.)

So just a really bad year for party faithful?

(I guess there were much better years to be a Democrat. But I'm
still proud to be.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer