Carlyle Begay Drops Bid for Congress

Jun 28, 2016

Arizona State Sen. Carlyle Begay announced the suspension of his campaign for northeast Arizona's congressional seat and endorsed Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.


State Senator Carlyle Begay
Credit John Samora/The Arizona Republic

The state senator from Black Mesa, Arizona, said in a statement that it's time to join support around one Republican candidate.

Begay says he is backing Babeu because of his strong support of law enforcement and commitment to rural and tribal communities.

He was running in Arizona's 1st congressional district and would have been the first Navajo in U.S. history to serve in Congress if he had won.

Originally a Democrat, Begay switched parties late last year. His wife, Candace Begody-Begay, had hoped to succeed her husband in the State Senate, but fell short of acquiring enough signatures to run.