Buffalo Park Improvements

Flagstaff, AZ – A Flagstaff landmark and much used park is celebrating a new look. A group of citizens and city staff turned out for a ribbon cutting this afternoon to celebrate improvements made at Buffalo Park. Arizona Public Radio's Theresa Bierer has more.

TB) Planners took into account the original look as they built a new Buffalo Park sign and repaired the structure at the entryway with a new roof, trusses and gates. Benches made from recycled materials were installed just inside the park facing the San Francisco Peaks. City Manager Kevin Burke says the upgrades were the result of a partnership between the city and Flagstaff's Rotary Club.

KEVIN BURKE "It's an amazing reflection on this community that the public sector the private sector and the civic sector can all come together to take care of a community asset. "

TB) City staff worked alongside volunteers on the Buffalo Park Improvements which were made possible by donations of equipment, supplies and labor says Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler.

Sara Presler "So often you see cities saying we have this need but we don't have the funds. We could not have done this without the rotary club and the private businesses stepping up to the plate. And instead of saying here are all these permits we said how can we help and when can you start? "

TB) In the 1960s, people would pay 50 cents to drive through the park to see Buffalo, antelope and other wildlife. Today, the 275 acre space is used by recreationists. Outgoing Flagstaff Rotary President Tonya Watson says it's good to make improvements to what may be Flagstaff's most popular park.

Tonya Watson "Having worked here for the whole year it's unbelievable how many people come through here on a regular day, that doesn't count the many events that have hundreds of people at them."

TB) The Flagstaff Rotary Club made improvements to Buffalo park about 12 years ago .and members are already talking about what can be done next . In Flagstaff for Arizona Public Radio, I'm Theresa Bierer