Bruce Aiken Interview

Flagstaff, AZ – In the early 1970's, painter Bruce Aiken gave up the fast pace of his native New York to live five miles below the north rim of the Grand Canyon at Roaring Springs. For 33 years Aiken managed the pump house there for the National Park Service. And, for 33 years the canyon was his artistic muse. Last year, Aiken retired from the Park Service and hiked out of his beloved canyon home. But, he didn't leave his muse behind. Today, the painter's book, Bruce Aiken's Grand Canyon, An Intimate Affair, will be released. It showcases hundreds of paintings he did during his time at Roaring Springs. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl had a chance to talk with Bruce Aiken about the new book at his new big-city artist loft in downtown Flagstaff.