Brewer says she wants separate legislative votes

Phoenix, AZ – The budget as it came out of the House had a single bill with three provisions: Ask voters to temporarily hike state sales taxes, permanently repeal the state property tax and cut corporate and individual income taxes. But one Senate Republican supporter of the referral won't vote for tax cuts while two others like the tax cuts but don't want to give voters the option to hike sales taxes. Brewer said separating the issue of the tax breaks may be the only way to get the votes for the sales tax referral which she said is critical to dealing with the deficit without sharp cuts in state services.

(I want that tax referral on the ballot to get us through the
2011 budget. It's most important. Because if we don't, it is
going to be very, very painful for the Legislature, for the
governor and for the people of Arizona.)

But Senate President Bob Burns said some Republicans agreed to
vote to refer the tax hike to the ballot only because they could
say their same vote guaranteed future tax cuts.

(Part of the way of getting votes was to couple it. You decouple
it, you lose votes. I don't see that as a viable option,

Lawmakers face a Monday deadline to act on the sales tax measure
if they want to get it on the Nov. 3 ballot. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.