Brewer to Publish Book

Phoenix, AZ – The governor has become been a regular on some national news shows since signing a tough new law aimed at illegal immigrants last year and defending the measure in court after it was challenged by the Obama administration. Brewer told Arizona Public Radio she was convinced she had a story to tell.

(Everywhere I have traveled to, people in audiences, people would write me, other people would contact me in regards to writing the story themselves. And so I decided, OK, I'll give it a shot.)

The book is titled Scorpions for Breakfast: My fight against special interests, liberal media, and cynical politicos to secure America's border. Brewer said the title came from her publisher.

(You know, I guess I'm tough.)

The publisher is promoting the book as the story of a state and country under seige, a federal government failing to protect its citizens and -- quote -- a national political movement that cynically depends on uncontrolled illegal immigration to realize its vision of a transformed America. Brewer, like many politicians, is not attempting a solo effort. Broadside Books, an arm of HarperCollins that publishes what it calls non-fiction right-of-center works, has paired her with Jessica Gavora. She is a former chief speechwriter for John Ashcroft and author of a book critical of federal laws that bar gender discrimination in education and school sports. Brewer would not discuss the financial terms or whether any of the money would go to charity.

(All those details at this time, they've been discussed but they haven't been finalized.)

The 208-page book is slated for release November 1st. That could prove beneficial for sales, as it should come about time the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether to hear Arizona's bid to overturn an injunction against key parts of SB 1070. The publisher is marketing it for $26.99. But is already taking pre-publication orders at $17.81. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.