Brewer Joins Federal Government in Opposition of Prop 203

Phoenix, AZ – The governor has joined with prosecutors and police in opposing
Proposition 203. She said medical marijuana laws are ripe for

(And almost all marijuana recommendations come from a few doctors
(who) for, say, $150, will prescribe pot to nearly anyone. Most
marijuana cardholders are under the age of 40. And a large
percentage are teenagers. I will tell you, compassion will
quickly turn to capitalism.)

Brewer acknowledged doctors already can prescribe much more
dangerous drugs. The difference here, she said, is that the law
would allow someone to obtain up to 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana
every two weeks solely on a doctor's written recommendation.

(If they want to regulate it like, for instance, here, your
example of OxyContin, well, then, prescribe it and get it at a

Arizonans actually voted in 1996 specifically to let doctors
prescribe otherwise-illegal drugs, including marijuana. There
also is a requirement for a second written opinion. But that law,
still on the books, never took effect because the U.S. Drug
Enforcement Agency threatened to revoke all prescription-writing
privileges of any physician who wrote such an order. Brewer is in
court with the Obama administration over the new federal health
care law, claiming Congress exceed its authority. And she is
battling over the right of Arizona to enforce immigration laws.
But the governor said isn't interested in asserting the right of
states to define their own drug laws.

(You know, I'm not going to take that obligation on. I've got
plenty on my plate.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.