Brewer has no plans to block state workers from driving while texting

Phoenix, AZ – The president issued an executive order this week following a
conference in Washington on the issue of distracted driving. The
president said he wants to -- quote -- demonstrate federal
leadership in improving safety on our roads and highways.
Gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman said Brewer and Alberto
Gutier, head of her office of highway safety, are looking at the

(Governor Brewer has not rejected the possibility of issuing an
order banning distracted driving while state employees are
driving state vehicles. It certainly is under consideration.)

Senseman said the question is not as simple as an acknowledgment
that people who are texting are not giving their full attention
to driving.

(Well, we have to look into it. First of all, we have to make
certain what the legality is, just how far a legal executive
order could be made or if this is a state policy matter that must
be taken and presented first before the Legislature.)

Any ban would not affect Brewer, at least not immediately, as the
governor is chauffered everywhere by her security detail. But
Senseman acknowledged the governor, in the back seat of the
state-owned Chrysler, sends text messages -- quote -- all the
time. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.