Brewer Glad Deal On Federal Spending Cap Reached

Phoenix, AZ – The governor said any time something this complex can be negotiated is a good thing.

(It's almost an impossible task what they're facing. It's been looming there for a while now. And I think that now we're going to see the recovery, the turnaround, about how they're doing business.)

But Brewer was less sure of herself when asked if, from her perspective, the package is a good deal.

(I think it was probably the best deal that they could get.)

What the governor now wants to know is whether Washington, in its move to cut its own spending, will be pawning off some currently federally funded obligations to the state.

(Well, we are always concerned how it's going to affect the states, and certainly I am concerned about how it's going to affect Arizona. The devil's always in the details. So we'll do the best that we can with the dollars that come. We don't know exactly where those cuts are going to be made.)

>Gubernatorial spokesman Matthew Benson said budget staffers are working to analyze the package, which developed only late in the process, to determine what the impact will be. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.