Brewer Defends Spending Plan

Phoenix, AZ – Arizonans agreed four years ago to hike tobacco taxes by 80 cents
a pack to fund programs for early childhood health and education.
Proposition 302 asks voters to overturn that decision -- at least
partly. It would kill the programs but keep the tax proceeds.
Only thing is, the current $9.1 billion budget is built on the
assumption the measure will pass. But Brewer won't campaign for
it and instead is taking a wait-and-see attitude.

(If the voters determine they don't want to support those ballot
propositions, then we'll have to go in and adjust the budget
accordingly. It will add up to a few million dollars that we
don't have.)

That few million actually translates to a $450 million hole in
the budget. But Brewer denied it was irresponsible to adopt a
spending plan based on what might not happen.

(Well, you know, it's as responsible as a budget can be. The
bottom line is that we know that the budget is based on
projections going into the future. And we're projecting that
people will look at, take real consideration in determining if they
want to support those propositions or not.)

The governor said there is no contingency plan if the measure
fails. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.