Brewer Declares Child Health Day

Phoenix, AZ – The declaration comes on the heels of Brewer sharply cutting
various health care programs, including ones designated for
children. Brewer said there is nothing inconsistent about that.

(I think today we're celebrating preventative care for children
which we all know is very, very important to that young
population to make them aware of that they can be in fact in
control of their destiny in regards to properly eating good food
and watching that they don't become obese and exercise daily.)

But state lawmakers, with Brewer's approval has closed off
enrollment to the Kids Care program designed to provide health
insurance including preventative care, for the children of the
working poor. And she supports Proposition 302 which would kill
the First Things First program designed to improve early
childhood health and development. Brewer didn't talk about those
moves but said the state's budget situation is going to require
even more spending cuts.

(Now, where those will be made is not entirely clear. But we know
that we cannot sustain what Arizona has been providing for in the
past because of what has happened with the economy and the

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry Goddard said there are
alternatives, including eliminating the exemptions that some
businesses now have from collecting state sales taxes. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.