Breakfast in Arizona Becomes a Little More Expensive

Jan 7, 2014

That traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs is costing consumers more. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains why.


The latest survey of retail food prices by the Arizona Farm Bureau finds eggs selling this past quarter above $2 a dozen. And, bacon is flirting with $5 a pound. The organization’s Julie Murphree said the price spike is not unexpected. She said there is a strong demand for eggs over the long holiday season.

“There really isn’t a good substitute, I like to say, for eggs in holiday recipes,” Murphree said. “So as long as we’re going to celebrate with friends and family around the holidays, we’re probably going to end up getting a boost in egg prices.”

But, Murphree said relief is likely on the way.

“My crystal ball is willing to say I do see them going down,” she said. “And especially because, at the farm gate, my farmers are telling me they’ve had a drop in the value of their eggs as they’re selling them to the grocery store.”

Bacon, however, is another story. Murphree said the continued effects of the drought are driving up feed prices, which in turn boosts the cost of all red meat products. The one real bargain in the quarterly survey are potatoes, with the price of a 5-pound bag dropping a dollar in the last three months.