AZ's Senators Oppose Paycheck Fairness Act

Jun 5, 2012

Today Arizona’s two Republican senators helped their party block the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have given women new tools to combat pay discrimination in the workforce.

Arizona women make eighty two cents to every dollar a man makes. That’s five cents better than the national average, but women’s groups say it’s still unacceptable. To shrink that gap Democrats offered the Paycheck Fairness Act, which is intended to protect women who want to compare their salaries with the men they work with in order to see if there’s a pay disparity. And it forces employers to prove any salary differences are job-related – not gender based. Arizona Republican Senator John McCain says Democrats are merely trying to score political points, which he says undercuts the public’s trust.

“I know that this is part of the election season and we could be doing other things, " McCain said. "It contributes to the near single digit approval rating we have.”

Analysts say the defeat of the Paycheck Fairness Act paints an even starker contrast between the two parties on gender issues ahead of this November’s elections.