AZ Senator Introduces Revised Dream Act

Nov 27, 2012

Arizona's two Republican senators are moving forward with their own effort to allow the children of undocumented immigrants to gain permanent residency in the U-S.

Republicans are looking to quiet critics who say their party is out of touch with Hispanic voters. Unlike the Democrat’s DREAM Act, which provides a path to citizenship for the kids of undocumented immigrants, this new proposal allows those children to gain only permanent residency. President Obama signed an Executive Order ending the deportation of those so-called DREAM Act-kids. But Arizona Senator Jon Kyl says the law needs to be changed.

"Those of us who strongly believe in the rule of law believe that in our country if you don’t like the law change it, or seek to change it.," he told reporters. "Don’t violate it. For a civilian that’s called civil disobedience. For the president it’s called violating your oath of office."

Kyl is retiring in January, and it's unlikely the bill will pass in this packed lame-duck session. That opens the door for Senator John McCain to take the lead on the issue when the new Congress is seated in January.