AZ Dems Inspired by President's Speech to DNC

Sep 7, 2012

Arizona delegates at the Democratic National Convention say President Obama’s speech last evening is inspiring them to spread his message when they return home.

President Obama has struggled to excite voters like he did in 2008. But Arizona delegates say his Thursday evening speech was electric.

Delegates say the president’s speech caps off a week that challenged Republican distortions and falsehoods. As for the takeaway? Arizona Delegate Lena Fowler of the Navajo Nation says she’s energized.

“Goodness this is so energizing," Fowler said. "Inspiration. Inspiring. Just the excitement and the thickness of the excitement in this place is so exciting – it’s like a big party.”

Arizona Delegate Rita Dickinson says now the hard work begins for the Arizona delegation. 

“We have to get out the vote, and if we want to improve the bipartisanship in the Capitol we need to get the vote out for congressional candidates who are Democrats," she added.

Now the general election is in full swing and Arizona delegates say they plan to help their party any way they can ahead of Election Day.