AZ Delegates to DNC Stuck in the Back of the Room

Sep 5, 2012

The Arizona delegation at the Democratic National Convention reports having a good time in spite of being seated in the back of the hall.  

You can tell which states are in play this year by looking at the layout of the convention floor, so it's telling that Arizona is tucked way in the back of the hall. But the poor seating doesn't bother Arizona delegate John Goodie.

“It is what it is and I am not making no comment on that," he said. "We’re next to Maryland and North Dakota and everybody else. We can hear. We can see. So hey.”

Poor seating aside, Goodie says the week is going well because he's been able to connect with other Democrats. 

“Meeting other delegates, meeting delegates from other states and just seeing the oneness that we all have – the energy,” Goodie said.

Arizona delegates will fill their day with politicking before they come back to the convention hall for tonight's address by former president Bill Clinton.