Attorney General Goddard to run for Governor

Phoenix, AZ – Attorney General Terry Goddard says he intends to run for
governor next year -- sort of.

Goddard was answering questions last week at a Democratic meeting
in Sun City Grand northwest of Phoenix when someone asked of his
plans for 2010. His response -- quote -- I intend to run for
governor. And he told his audience -- quote -- I really solicit
all of your help in that mission. Only thing is, state law makes
it illegal for someone holding public office to announce for
another office in anything but the last year in that spot. And
Goddard is attorney general through the end of 2010. But Goddard
told Arizona Public Radio on Sunday his comments do not trigger
the state's resign to run law.

(Intend is not doing it. We've actually done some research on
that, though we're significantly close to actually filing

The law says someone becomes a candidate by filing nominating
papers -- which Goddard has not done -- or a formal
public declaration of candidacy for such office. Goddard said no
such declaration has occurred. The law is very strict. Officials
who offer themselves for another post before the last year of
their current job automatically forfeit their job. Two other
Democrats also are thinking of running against Republican
incumbent Jan Brewer: former Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano and state
Rep. David Bradley.