Arizona Residents Who Believe they Qualify for Medical Marijuana Can Begin Application Process

Phoenix, AZ – The state will not start accepting applications until next month. But state health director Will Humble said the forms that have to be certified by a doctor are already available on the department's web site. Humble said doctors are free to do the necessary examination, fill out the paperwork and then give it back to the patient. Then, on April 14 the patient can go to the web site and attach a copy of a driver's license, a digital photograph and an electronic copy of the physician certification.

(And then they'll pay the fee on the web site electronically with a credit card and push submit. Within 10 days we're required by law to then put that information together. And if the application is complete, the patient will receive their medical marijuana card in the mail.)

But there will not be any legal dispensaries operating until September.

(The patient could decide to cultivate their own marijuana, either in their home in an enclosed, locked facility or in their yard as long as it's an enclosed facility. We define enclosed by rule. But it's a 10-foot concrete wall with a metal gate that provides protection for the marijuana.)

That does leave one question: Where do these patients legally get the seeds or cuttings in the first place?

(We're not going to prescribe how you do that. And I really don't have any advice for folks on how to find seeds. Maybe there's ads in the back of a weekly magazine in town for that, too.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.