Arizona Delegates React to Romney's Speech

Aug 31, 2012

Arizona delegates who attended the Republican National Convention accuse the media of portraying Mitt Romney in a bad light.  Delegates are praising last evening's convention speech while preparing to volunteer for the campaign.

Mitt Romney has had trouble connecting with average voters. So this week his campaign attempted to use the party's convention to portray him in a warmer light. And it worked according to Arizona Republicans. Jennifer Tobin says the country finally got to see the man she knows that goes beyond what’s usually seen on TV. 

“Just because he doesn’t show emotions and stuff doesn’t mean he doesn’t have emotions," Tobin said. "Some people just wear it very close to their heart.”

But one thing that was evident at the convention was that libertarian Congressman Ron Paul expanded his base of support this year, which could hurt the G-O-P in swing states. Wearing a Ron Paul button Arizona Delegate John Laurie explains why Romney still hasn’t won his support.

“If you look at the foreign, domestic and monetary policies, essentially you’re getting the same product in the end from both sides," Laurie said.

Now Romney and his delegates must take the energy from Tampa on the road for his party to recapture the White House.