Another Border Bill

Phoenix, AZ – The package includes things like funds for border radar
and fines against companies that hire undocumented
workers. But it also includes a measure Napolitano
already vetoed to let police charge illegal immigrants
with trespass. The governor said Thursday that remains
unacceptable because it is unconstitutional and opposed
by many police agencies. She accused lawmakers of --
quote -- bumper sticker approaches and meaningless
legislation -- unquote -- and promised a veto. Rep.
Russell Pearce said if she does that he will take the
issue to the ballot.

(I'm tired of the rhetoric, I'm tired of the games. The
public's demanding we do something. I want something.
This is all good policy. Nothing in here is an I-
gotcha. These are all issues we debated. They're all
issues that are enforceable. The money's in the bill,
about $100 million. This bill has everything necessary
to enforce the law. That's all we're asking.)

But Rep. Linda Lopez said Republicans are playing

(We know that this is another attack on the brown
people coming across the border. We know what they're
up to. I can't believe there's going to be anything in
it that's good.)

The measure is set for debate on Monday. In Phoenix,
for Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.