American Farmer

Flagstaff, AZ – Paul Mobley is a self-described city boy. He's a commercial photographer who's spent his career in the urban jungle of New York City. But for four years he traveled throughout rural America, taking over 30 thousand pictures of more than 200 family farms. The result is his landmark book "American Farmer: The Heart of our Country" - the first portrait collection of modern American farmers ever published.

Paul Mobley speaks Thursday night, March 5 at 6 p.m. at the NAU School of Forestry building.

On Friday evening, March 6 at 6 p.m. Paul Mobley will attend the launch of the PJ/ONE Friends of Photojournalism benefit exhibition, ART WALK TO ART WALK, that will be on display March 6 - April 3 at Hidden Light, LLC, 427 S. San Francisco Street in Flagstaff. Two of Paul Mobley's photographs are part of the Silent Auction exhibition and these vivid images are featured on the front and back covers of his book.

Click here to visit the website of Paul Mobley's book "American Farmer"

AMERICAN FARMER: The Heart of Our Country (Welcome Books), photo copyright Paul Mobley.