Ability to form corporations may be halted

Phoenix, AZ – The problem is an outgrowth of the fight over the budget.
Lawmakers approved a plan to make the incorporating division of
the state Corporation Commission self funding: It could keep the
more than $200,000 a month it gathers in fees to run the
operation. But the provision was in the same bill as repeal of
the state property tax. And the only way Gov. Jan Brewer could
reject the repeal was to veto the entire bill. Brewer said
lawmakers could fix the problem in special session.

(There's no controversy about them whatsoever at all. They're the
same budgets. Everybody agrees that funding is not a problem. So,
we could go in, they could waive the rules, they could get it
done in a day.)

But House Speaker Kirk Adams said the commission could probably
wait until lawmakers return in January. And if not, Adams said
the governor could give the agency some stimulus funds. That
angered commission chair Kris Mayes.

(We don't need stimulus money. We just need authorizing language
that would allow us to use the money we're bringing in. I mean,
it seems ridiculous to use stimulus money when we have the money.
All we need is language that was in that budget bill that got

Mayes said if there's no action soon the processing of paperwork
to let corporations do business here will slow within days, and
eventually grind to a halt. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.