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Justin is a graduate of NAU and is originally from the great state of California. He came to KNAU in the winter of 2013 as a news intern, and then a part time reporter in the fall of that year. Justin also was a reporter for NAU’s campus newspaper, The Lumberjack for three and a half years, and continues to play on the school’s Quidditch team. Justin’s favorite part of radio reporting is the emotion that can be conveyed in audio that just can’t be done in print.

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Cancer is a disease that touches almost everyone to some degree, even dogs. In fact, some breeds have cancer rates as high as 40%. It's something Stephen Johnston is trying to prevent. He's a Professor at Arizona State University who's been given a grant of more than $6 million to test a possible vaccine for all types of canine cancer. And if it works, it could one day be used on humans. Dr. Johnston spoke to KNAU's Justin Regan recently about the vaccine trial.  

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey vows to keep Grand Canyon National Park open in the event of a federal government shutdown. KNAU's Justin Regan reports.

The U.S. government could shut down soon if a spending deal is not reached. If that happens, officials with the Department of the Interior are telling national parks to try to stay open in limited capacity. KNAU’s Justin Regan has more. 

World Jewish Congress

Intro: January is International Holocaust Remembrance Month and a global social media campaign is underway to bring awareness to it. “We Remember” is designed by the World Jewish Congress as an educational tool and statement against hatred. The campaign asks people to post statements and pictures with #WeRemember. In the second year of the campaign they hope to reach some 500 million people. Betty Ehrenberg is the North American Executive Director of the World Jewish Congress and she recently spoke to KNAU’s Justin Regan.

Deirdre Hamill / AZ Central

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has announced a plan to fully restore a fund for school maintenance projects that was cut during the recession. KNAU’s Justin Regan has more.