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Justin is a recent graduate of NAU and is originally from the great state of California. He came to KNAU in the winter of 2013 as a news intern, and then a part time reporter in the fall of that year. Justin also was a reporter for NAU’s campus newspaper, The Lumberjack for three and a half years, and continues to play on the school’s Quidditch team. Justin’s favorite part of radio reporting is the emotion that can be conveyed in audio that just can’t be done in print.

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Justin Regan

There’s a new restaurant in Northern Arizona where guests dine more than 20 stories underground. The Caverns Grotto is deep within Grand Canyon Caverns near Peach Springs. As part of our ongoing series “Eats and Beats: Stories about food and music” KNAU’s Justin Regan has this subterranean report. 

Jon Austria / Farmington Daily Times

The U.S. Senate Wednesday unanimously approved a flurry of bills affecting Indian Country. Among them was legislation to expand AMBER alert programs on tribal lands. KNAU’s Justin Regan reports.


Interstate 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff is one of the most deadly highways in the U.S. KNAU’s Justin Regan reports a new report ranks it 4th in fatalities per mile. 

Mark Henle / AZ Central

Arizona has officially been in a drought since 1999. A state panel recently recommended that designation stay in place for another year. KNAU’s Justin Regan has more. 

Greta Weber

There’s been a documented increase this year in hate speech and crimes against Jews. That’s according to the Anti-Defamation League. That trend is disturbing to Dr. Jacob Eisenbach who survived the Holocaust. He was rounded up as a teenager by Nazi soldiers in his native Poland. He went on to become a public speaker and Holocaust educator and is lecturing tonight at Northern Arizona University. KNAU’s Justin Regan had the chance to speak to him earlier about the cultivation of hatred.