Justin Regan

All Things Considered Host / Reporter

Justin is a recent graduate of NAU and is originally from the great state of California. He came to KNAU in the winter of 2013 as a news intern, and then a part time reporter in the fall of that year. Justin also was a reporter for NAU’s campus newspaper, The Lumberjack for three and a half years, and continues to play on the school’s Quidditch team. Justin’s favorite part of radio reporting is the emotion that can be conveyed in audio that just can’t be done in print.

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National Park Service

The U.S. Senate has approved a measure to reimburse states that paid to keep National Parks open during the federal government shutdown in 2013. Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports.

Arizona Geological Survey

Geologists believe a string of earthquakes this month in the Northwestern part of the state are not building up to a larger quake. Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

An investigation by the Associated Press has found about 1400 water systems in the United States have exceeded federal limits for lead in recent years. As Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports, that includes several systems in Northern and Central Arizona. 

Northern Arizona University

The Arizona Board of Regents has approved tuition and fee increases at all three public universities for the 2016-2017 school year. It comes as state higher education continues to grapple with last year’s steep budget cuts. Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports.

AZ Central

Ranchers in Eastern Arizona and New Mexico operating in Mexican Grey Wolf territory can now apply for federal compensation. As Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports, the payments are designed to help livestock owners coexist with the endangered predators.

AZ Central

The Arizona Board of Education has lowered the state’s requirements for teaching 6th through 12th grade math. As Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports, the move is designed to address a statewide shortage of math teachers. 

Cronkite News

28 schools on the Navajo Nation overseen by the Bureau of Indian Affairs are in poor condition. A new federal report found many BIA schools aren’t being properly monitored for safety and health issues. Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports.

Associated Press

A new poll shows Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick are nearly tied in Arizona’s U-S Senate race. Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports.

National Park Service

Officials at Lake Powell are concerned with the increasing number of invasive quagga mussels in the lake. Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports.


One of the first major studies of Pluto’s geology appears in the most recent edition of the Journal of Science. It used data from the New Horizons mission to get a better picture of the dwarf planet’s surface. As Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports, the study found that so-called “volatile materials” have shaped Pluto’s landscape.