Gillian Ferris

News Director and Managing Editor

Gillian came to KNAU in 2001 as a freelance reporter. Her first story won an Arizona Associated Press Award. Since then, Gillian has won more than a dozen Edward R. Murrow Awards for feature reporting, writing and documentary work. She served as the local anchor for NPR’s Morning Edition for 8 years before moving into a full time reporting position in 2012. Gillian covers everything from environmental issues to sports, with a penchant for human interest stories of all kinds. When she’s not working, Gillian revels in the natural world and is an avid hiker, skier, swimmer, river runner and surfer. She also enjoys making fancy cakes and reorganizing her collection of fabulous shoes… 70 pairs and counting.

Ways to Connect

President-elect Donald Trump has promised mass deportations upon taking office. Many universities, colleges and community colleges are responding by adopting Sanctuary Campus status, which pledges certain protections to undocumented students registered in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, or DACA. Next week, Northern Arizona University will decide whether it will become a Sanctuary Campus. KNAU’s Gillian Ferris spoke with Dr.

Pete Brainard

The Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps has just returned from a humanitarian trip to Haiti. They were treating patients with severe injuries sustained nearly 3 weeks ago when Hurricane Matthew hit the small, impoverished country. Haiti's lack of infrastructure and government have created dire conditions for the people, who are still trying to come back from a large-magnitude earthquake 6 years ago. John "Bull" Durham is a Flagstaff orthopedist and founder of NAVMC. He sat down with Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris for an update on conditions in Haiti. 

Justin Regan

The gardening season in Flagstaff is short, so most people are getting their plots ready for a long winter’s sleep. But one very special garden is just beginning to bloom. The Children’s Garden of Flagstaff is a memorial project honoring children who've passed away. It’s intended to give people a place to share their stories and take a break from the isolation that can accompany such devastating grief. As Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports, The Children’s Garden is a community-wide effort of families, friends, civic leaders and artists. 

Peter Friederici

Today, KNAU brings you a special installment of our environmental series, Earth interview with long-time editor, Peter Friederici. He's stepping down from the position after 15 years to take on a new role at Northern Arizona University as the director of the Master of Arts and Sustainable Communities Program. Peter spoke with Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris about editing hundreds of Earth Notes on the history and bounty of the Colorado Plateau.

University of Iowa Press

The Buenaventura is a mythical river that early map makers drew across the Southwest hoping it was actually there. It wasn't. But its legend lured countless explorers to the region in search of abundant water in the desert. That myth is the subject of a new book by KNAU science reporter Melissa Sevigny. In this interview, she tells Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris about the chain reaction caused by the mythical river.