Constance DeVereaux

Tom Hayden has been called the grandfather of the 1960s American Peace Movement.

One of Arizona’s most visionary citizens died on April 9 at his home outside of Phoenix. KNAU’s Constance DeVereaux interviewed him last year and recently spoke with one of his closest associates.

The United States is the only country in the world that was founded on the idea of "the rights of man". That's according to Jim Leach, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Leach will give a lecture tonight at Northern Arizona University. And he spoke with Arizona Public Radio's Constance DeVereaux about the power of the humanities.

Over twenty years ago, Mary Fisher addressed the Republican National Convention about AIDS—not simply as an advocate against a growing epidemic, but as a wife, mother, staunch Republican, and AIDS sufferer.

Northern Arizona University has two artists in residence this year: painter Bruce Aiken in the University's Honors Program. And installation artist Shawn Shabelund in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Master's Program in Sustainable Communities. Though their departments and mediums are different, there is a connective thread between the two...nature. Arizona Public Radio's Constance DeVereaux reports on the artists' work and how they'll spend their residencies.