State Capitol News
4:15 pm
Thu December 10, 2009

Arizona tribal gaming revenues down, but still strong

Phoenix, AZ – Some new figures today show that while interest in gambling may
be down, it's hardly gone away.

Economist Alan Meister estimates that tribes in Arizona had gross
gaming revenues of about $1.9 billion last year. That's about 6
percent less than the year before. Meister said that drop is not

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KNAU and Arizona News
1:02 pm
Thu December 10, 2009

FMC braces for sledding injuries

Flagstaff, AZ – One of the most common injuries seen at Flagstaff Medical Center's Emergency Department this time of year is a spinal cord fracture. People break their backs sledding. FMC saw more than 150 sledding related injuries last winter. This month KNAU will air some of the best local and regional stories from the past year. This story aired last February but the hospital says the issue is still current. Arizona Public Radio's Laurel Morales reports.

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Local Headlines
12:53 pm
Thu December 10, 2009

Grand Canyon to See More High Flows

Flagstaff, AZ – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced today (yesterday) that there will be additional high flow experiments conducted at Glen Canyon Dam. The artificial floods are designed to rebuild sandbars and beaches along the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

The last high flow experiment was held in March of 2008. Two jet tubes at the base of the gigantic dam were opened for two and a half days, releasing 300 thousand gallons of water per second.

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KNAU and Arizona News
11:02 am
Thu December 10, 2009

Food Banks Struggle to Meet Demand

Flagstaff, AZ – Demand at food banks has never been higher. The Department of Agriculture released a recent report that showed one out of every seven households is having trouble putting food on the table. Large food banks are stocking up with the help of WalMart and other grocery chains. But smaller food banks are struggling to keep pace with the demand, at the same time their traditional sources of food are drying up.

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State Capitol News
4:21 pm
Wed December 9, 2009

Brewer fighting health care reform

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer went to Washington Tuesday, at least in part
to convince Congress to reject efforts to enact health care
reform at the expense of states.

Brewer said the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the
state's Medicaid program, already provides coverage for 1.3
million residents below the federal poverty level, about $18,000
a year for a family of three.

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State Capitol News
4:35 pm
Tue December 8, 2009

State employees could get IOUs

Phoenix, AZ – State and university employees could wind up with I-O-Us in their
pay envelopes in February instead of checks. Arizona Public
Radio's Howard Fischer explains why.

It's no secret that, even with the budget fixes last month, the
state is still running $1.6 billion in the red. That's largely
due to sales tax collections coming in at rates far below last
year as consumers keep their purses and wallet closed.

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State Capitol News
4:45 pm
Sat December 5, 2009

Lawmaker pushing for limits on jury awards

Phoenix, AZ – A veteran state senator is making a new push to ask voters to let
lawmakers put limits on jury awards.

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KNAU and Arizona News
5:50 pm
Thu December 3, 2009

Best of '09: Navajo Students Write Letters to Obama

Tuba City, AZ – When President Barack Obama was elected, a group of middle school students on the Navajo Nation wrote him letters telling him about life on the reservation. Many write honestly about the poverty they live in, but also dispense advice, and offer lots of invitations to their homes.

The project was the idea of Margaret Erhart, who teaches creative writing at Eagle's Nest Intermediate School in Tuba City, on the western edge of the Navajo reservation.

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State Capitol News
4:48 pm
Thu December 3, 2009

Court upholds illegal immigrant reporting law

Phoenix, AZ – The state Supreme Court won't block enforcement of a new state
law that requires public employees to report illegal immigrants.

The law says any public employee who fails to report discovered
violations of federal immigration statutes can be sent to jail
for up to four months. It also allows state residents who
believes public workers aren't following the law to file suit.

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Earth Notes
4:04 pm
Wed December 2, 2009

Earth Notes - Carbon Sequestration

The Cholla Power Plant outside Holbrook, site of a carbon sequestration test.

Flagstaff, AZ – Earth Notes: Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration is an optimistic but untested idea for controlling greenhouse gas emissions. The concept is simple. Carbon dioxide is a primary cause of climate change so why not bury it? Now a test of that idea is coming to northeast Arizona.

Starting soon, 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide gas will be trucked to Joseph City, a small community west of Holbrook. That's the site of the coal-fired Cholla Power Plant run by APS, Arizona's largest electricity utility.

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