State Capitol News
10:07 am
Wed September 14, 2011

Foes of Pearce clear last hurdle in bid for special election

Phoenix, AZ – Without comment the state Supreme Court rejected the legal arguments of Pearce's supporters that all the proper procedures were not followed in everything from the wording of the recall petitions to the sworn oath by circulators that they had personally witnessed people signing their names. Pearce told Arizona Public Radio that he's disappointed and still believes that the high court got it wrong.

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Three Books...
6:51 am
Tue September 6, 2011

What's In Store: 3 Tales Of A Terrifying Future

Originally published on Mon January 2, 2012 7:53 pm

When I was a kid, I assumed that in the future things would get better and better until we were all driving flying cars and playing badminton with space aliens on top of 500-story buildings. Frankly, I kind of counted on this happening. But now I don't assume that we'll just keep going up anymore.

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KNAU and Arizona News
11:52 am
Fri September 2, 2011

Organizers of art walk worry art has gotten lost

Flagstaff, AZ – Ask folks on the street what brought them out to Art Walk these days and you'll likely hear something like this:

Just all the people, how lively downtown Flagstaff is.

I love all the music. I love how all the shops are ready for you. You know, they have little snacks and stuff.

It's a chance to get together and see people you haven't seen in a long time.

I just go to see people and drink the wine and eat the treats. It's just a lot of fun.

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KNAU and Arizona News
7:46 am
Fri September 2, 2011

Summer Food Series Part V: County Fair Bakers

Flagstaff, AZ – Today, we continue our series on summer foods with a northern Arizona twist. Today is the start of the 62nd annual Coconino County Fair. It's also the day dozens of anxious bakers find out whether they're winners or losers in the fair's baking competition. And, as Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl reports, this year's contest could be a recipe for a family rivalry.

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KNAU and Arizona News
3:50 pm
Wed August 31, 2011

Book donation boxes being called deceptive by opponents

Prescott, AZ – There's no mistaking the message on the large blue bins. They read "Books for Charity" in bright yellow letters five inches tall.

Richard Cady first saw one from across this Safeway parking lot last year.

A volunteer with the Prescott Public Library, Cady went over to get a look.

IN: It said something about helping children to read. It was very positive sort of thing

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