10:22 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

NBA Draft: Hornets Select Davis With No. 1 Pick

Best in the country and No. 1 and 2 in the NBA draft. The celebration goes on for Kentucky's kids.

The Wildcats became the first school to have the top two picks and tied a record with six players taken overall Thursday night.

After the New Orleans Hornets made the long-expected selection of forward Anthony Davis with the first pick, Charlotte followed by taking fellow freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

"It's crazy," Davis said. "Michael is a great player. We have two down and four more to go. Hopefully, all of them will go in the first round."

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Shots - Health Blog
8:13 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

High Court Health Care Ruling Shifts Action To States

Protesters and supporters of President Obama's health care law await the Supreme Court's ruling Thursday. The court ruled to uphold the law. The focus now shifts to the states, which are responsible for the lion's share of getting people without insurance covered.
Kevin Dietsch UPI /Landov

Originally published on Fri June 29, 2012 6:27 pm

The Supreme Court's decision to uphold nearly all of the Affordable Care Act may move the debate to the presidential campaign trail. But it shifts much of the burden of implementing the law to the states.

States are actually responsible for the lion's share of getting people without insurance covered under the health law.

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4:38 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

New Mexico Cracking Down On Deceptive Chile Advertising

New Mexico green chile is roasted after the harvest each fall. The state is cracking down on deceptive chile advertising.
Photo courtesy of Biad Chili Products.

Impostors beware! Starting July 1, the state of New Mexico is going after chile fraud.

Any business within the state that falsely advertises New Mexico's famous peppers will find themselves in hot water.

"If someone violates the law, the penalty will be that their product will be removed from sale," said Joe Gomez of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.

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KNAU and Arizona News
4:31 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

AZ Congressional Delegation Weighing Responses to Health Care Ruling

The Supreme Court’s decision on the health care law threw many lawmakers in Washington for a loop. Now Arizona’s congressional delegation is examining how to proceed after the High Court upheld the individual mandate but limited the government’s attempt to expand Medicaid.

Republicans were optimistic the justices would rule in their favor on the individual mandate but the court deflated their hopes. Five justices ruled the individual mandate is constitutional under Congress’ power of taxation, which Arizona Republican Senator John McCain says is what he’s been saying all along.

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4:24 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

Business Prof Says Health Care Law Won't Help

The U-S Supreme Court Thursday upheld the Affordable Care Act championed by President Barack Obama. But how could the ruling affect the health care industry and the state of Arizona.

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4:15 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

Affordable Care Act May Fill Rural Clinics

A rural clinic in Northern Arizona is bracing for an influx of patients once the details of today’s Supreme Court ruling on healthcare shake out. Non-profit community health centers have long filled in the gaps of the nation’s health system by taking care of uninsured or underinsured patients. 

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The Two-Way
3:42 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

PHOTO: President Obama After Hearing Health Care News

President Barack Obama talks on the phone with Solicitor General Donald Verrilli in the Oval Office, after learning of the Supreme Court's ruling on the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," on Thursday.
Pete Souza The White House

The White House has released a picture of President Obama on the phone with Solicitor General Donald Verrilli in the Oval Office after hearing the health care news. Verrilli was the one who argued the case in front of the Supreme Court.

Here's the picture:

Obama looks rather relaxed. But both The New York Times and NBC News report that Obama, who received the news like most Americans, first thought his signature legislation had been declared unconstitutional.

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The Two-Way
3:28 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

This Year, Weather Service Will Begin Pushing Notifications To Cell Phones

What the alerts may look like on your phone.

Originally published on Fri June 29, 2012 7:32 am

The National Weather Service says that this year, it will begin pushing text notifications to cellphones that alert users to hazardous weather conditions.

The text notifications will be sent to those people within the location of the severe weather. The Weather Emergency Alerts could also be used for local emergencies that require evacuation, AMBER alerts and presidential alerts "during a national emergency," the Weather Service said.

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3:09 pm
Thu June 28, 2012

Tight Court Decision Produces Explosion Of Emotion

This artist's rendering shows Chief Justice John Roberts (center) speaking at the Supreme Court on Thursday. From left are Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan. The court voted 5-4 to uphold President Obama's health care law.
Dana Verkouteren AP

Originally published on Fri June 29, 2012 7:45 am

  • NPR Special Coverage: The Health Care Decision

Shock, dismay, relief, confusion — all those emotions played out Thursday when the U.S. Supreme Court announced its 5-to-4 decision to uphold almost all of President Obama's health care overhaul.

The ruling, with shifting majorities on different provisions and multiple dissents, covered close to 200 pages and provoked initial confusion. Both Fox News and CNN got it wrong, reporting at first that the individual mandate had been struck down. But when the dust cleared, the law labeled derisively by Republicans as "Obamacare" was largely intact.

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