Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has announced changes in his senior staff, including the departure and replacement of one of his top-ranking aides.

A lot of people hike the Grand Canyon because of the scenery or because it’s on their bucket list. Flagstaff author Kevin Fedarko is hiking to raise awareness about environmental threats to one of the country’s most beloved national parks. He’s doing it in sections for a total of 650 miles. He’s documented the trek in this month’s National Geographic in an article titled, “Are We Losing The Grand Canyon?” Kevin Fedarko joins Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo to talk about his concerns for the canyon’s future.

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Navajo officials say they’re overwhelmed with public opposition to tribal legislation regarding the Grand Canyon Escalade Project. It would pave the way for a gondola to the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers. Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

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A Flagstaff geneticist has discovered the molecular fingerprint of a deadly strain of anthrax stockpiled during the Cold War in the then-Soviet Union. 

U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake have asked the Interior Department to support the establishment of a permanent memorial for the victims of the 2011 shootings in Tucson.