Phoenix, AZ – Students from around the state came together at the state capitol Wednesday to protest what some are calling "the death of Arizona's education system."

Flagstaff, AZ – Friday, January 23rd, two friends from Flagstaff died when their small plane crashed.

Frank Protiva and Tom Moody were engineers, pilots, and river runners. I talked to some of their many friends for this remembrance.

Guillermo Cortes, an engineer and Vice President at Frank Protiva's engineering firm, Shephard-Wesnitzer, met him about 12 years ago.

"We became friends right away," Cortes said. "He welcomed anybody in right away."

Flagstaff, AZ – After a few weeks' hiatus, winter returned to northern Arizona this week. The snowfall wasn't huge, but it was enough to cause icy road conditions and some school delays. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl spoke with Flagstaff meteorologist, Lee Born, about this week's blast of winter weather.

Phoenix, AZ – The presidents of the three state universities said today Arizona
residents should be given the opportunity to raise taxes to avoid
further cuts in education spending.


Flagstaff, AZ – Earth Notes: Cross Quarters Days

Many different cultures throughout the world mark the solstices and equinoxes with holidays. But the times midway between these well-known celestial events have also been important, not least among the Southwest's Pueblo people.

These cross quarters days, as they're called, occur in early February and in May, August, and November.

Daniel Kraker

Tuba City, AZ – When President Barack Obama was elected, a group of middle school students on the Navajo Nation wrote him letters telling him about life on the reservation. Many write honestly about the poverty they live in, but also dispense advice, and offer lots of invitations to their homes.

The project was the idea of Margaret Erhart, who teaches creative writing at Eagle's Nest Intermediate School in Tuba City, on the western edge of the Navajo reservation.

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer may rescind some new vehicle emission rules
designed to reduce greenhouse gases. Arizona Public Radio's
Howard Fischer explains.

Phoenix, AZ – The head of the House Appropriations Committee said Monday that
universities shouldn't worry about having their budgets slashed
by huge amounts. But Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer
reports that view may not be universal.

Phoenix, AZ – If Republican lawmakers think that finally having a member of
their own party as governor means they're going to get everything
they want, they could have a rude awakening. Arizona Public
Radio's Howard Fischer explains.