Earth Notes
11:03 pm
Thu March 22, 2007

Teen pregnancy has financial impact

Flagstaff, AZ – The costs associated with teen pregnancy include public health care, child welfare and lost tax revenue due to decreased earning and spending. Most teen moms don't graduate from high school so they don't typically get well paying jobs and contribute to the economy. More often they rely on government funded programs to take care of them.

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Earth Notes
5:13 am
Wed March 21, 2007

Prescott Retiree Heads to Prison for Protest

Prescott retiree Phil Gates

Prescott, AZ – Philip Gates is not your stereotypical prison inmate. He's seventy, for one. And he's the former superintendent of the Scottsdale school district. He retired in Prescott three years ago. But today he begins a two month sentence at a federal prison in Los Angeles, for trespassing on a military base during a political protest. Arizona Public Radio's Daniel Kraker explains how he got there.

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Earth Notes
10:11 pm
Thu March 15, 2007

Poets spark memories with Alzheimer's patients

Poet Christopher Lane recites a classic poem to residents at the Encore Senior Village in Phoenix.

Flagstaff, AZ – Skip McGuinness is visiting his mom Ollie at a senior living facility in Flagstaff.

MCGUINNESS: Do you want to see a picture of your new great grandson? There he is 9 pounds 1 ounce. How many is that for her? That's three - two girls and one little boy.

Ollie has dementia. Alzheimer's is a form of dementia -- a degenerative, incurable disease that affects people's memories. During our visit Ollie asks who I am six times.

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Earth Notes
8:53 am
Mon March 12, 2007

Court Rejects Snowmaking Plan

Flagstaff, AZ – The 9th circuit court of appeals in San Francisco has reversed a decision that would have allowed the Arizona Snowbowl to use treated wastewater to make artificial snow. The decision came one day after warm weather and a lack of snow on the San Francisco Peaks forced the ski area to close. As Arizona Public Radio's Daniel Kraker reports, the decision could have ramifications far beyond the southwest.

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Earth Notes
1:01 am
Fri March 9, 2007

Indian Time

Tuba City, AZ – It's not spring yet, but Sunday morning most of the country will be springing its clocks forward an hour. But not in most of Arizona, where the last thing most people want in the summer is another hour of sunshine. Things get a lot more complicated, though, in parts of the Navajo and Hopi reservations, where, come Sunday, a lot of people will be wondering what time it is.

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Earth Notes
10:18 pm
Thu March 8, 2007

Water -- a global crisis

\"Running Dry\" screens at the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival.

Flagstaff, AZ – Every 15 seconds a child dies due to a lack of clean drinking water. That's one of the more startling facts in the documentary film Running Dry. The film is based on former Senator Paul Simon's book Tapped Out. Simon found water shortages and contamination at a crisis stage in several parts of the world. Filmmaker Jim Thebaut told Arizona Public Radio's Laurel Morales world leaders hope water shortages might compel warring factions to put aside their differences.

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Earth Notes
9:41 am
Wed March 7, 2007

Richard Thompson

Photo by Ron Sleznak

Flagstaff, AZ – British songwriter Richard Thompson visited Flagstaff for the first time in March, 2007. He spoke with Arizona Public Radio's Geoff Norcross about acoustic guitar technique, songwriting, and his most-requested song.

Earth Notes
9:23 am
Tue March 6, 2007

Dimock debunks the "grand old man"

Writer and river guide Brad Dimock is known for his thorough research of Grand Canyon river stories.

Listen to an extended interview followed by Dimock reading an excerpt from the book The Very Hard Way: Bert Loper and the Colorado River.

Flagstaff, AZ – Brad Dimock's book tour: March 7 Flagstaff -- Cline Library, Northern Arizona University 7:00 p.m.

March 12 Grand Canyon -- Shrine of the Ages 7:30 p.m.

March 13 Page -- Glen Canyon Dam Visitor Center 7:00 p.m.

March 18 Prescott -- Sharlot Hall Museum 1 p.m.

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Earth Notes
12:34 am
Tue March 6, 2007

Stealing Art for Copper

John Waddell's sculpture grouping \"The Gathering\" that was stolen from his ranch in Cornville, likely for the value of the copper in the bronze.

Sedona, AZ – (SFX: sneak up bird, outdoor ambi)
A few weeks ago sculptor John Waddell took some out of town guests on a tour of a sculpture garden on his ranch south of Sedona. He led them to the back of the rocky mesa top, where a grouping of the figurative, bronze nudes for which Waddell is best known was supposed to be standing.

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Earth Notes
10:53 pm
Thu March 1, 2007

Pregnant teen program expands

Two in five young women become pregnant in the United States before they reach the age of 20. In the Latina community the rate is higher -- three in five.

Flagstaff, AZ – At first glance Flagstaff's Teenage Parent Program or TAPP looks like any other high school classroom with a chalkboard, bookshelves, a world map and tired teenagers. Take a closer look and you'll see baby toys, baby posters, baby bouncy chairs and babies.

Eighteen-year-old Chelsey Laben has a toddler at home and she's pregnant with her second child. She looks down at her basketball-sized belly as she thinks back to the day she learned she was pregnant with her first.

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