KNAU and Arizona News
12:02 am
Tue January 23, 2007

Dismantling Phoenix

Flagstaff, AZ – HOST INTRO:

The Census Bureau recently named Arizona the fastest growing state in the nation. Many of the more than 200 thousand people who moved here last year settled in the fringes of metro Phoenix. That's something commentator Gary Nabhan says needs to change.


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Earth Notes
9:32 am
Fri January 19, 2007

Mozart and the Whale: An Asperger's Love Story

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Earth Notes
4:45 am
Wed January 10, 2007

Renzi on Iraq

Flagstaff, AZ – President Bush plans to outline a new strategy in Iraq in a nationally broadcast speech tonight. Northern Arizona congressman Rick Renzi just returned from a three-day visit to Iraq Sunday. He spoke to Arizona Public Radio's Daniel Kraker about his trip, the ongoing violence, and a possible troop surge.

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Earth Notes
10:53 pm
Mon January 8, 2007

Response to Governor's State of the State

Flagstaff, AZ – Governor Janet Napolitano delivered a wide-ranging, 45 minute state of the state address yesterday in Phoenix. She outlined a host of proposals, but didn't address how the state would pay for them, saying she'll release her budget later this week. Arizona Public Radio's Daniel Kraker reports.

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Earth Notes
5:04 am
Mon January 8, 2007

Governor's State of the State Address

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano delivered a wide-ranging, 45 minute state of the state speech Monday in Phoenix. She offered a host of education proposals, as well as ways the state can deal with its exploding growth. Here is the Governor's entire speech.

Earth Notes
8:48 am
Fri December 22, 2006

Snakes in an MRI Machine

Flagstaff, Arizona – The movie "Snakes on a Plane" was one of last year's cult favorites. Thankfully, if was a work of fiction. But, snakes in an MRI, that's very real. A researcher at Northern Arizona University has come up with a new way to strengthen atrophied human muscles by watching how rattlesnakes shake their rattles in MRI machines. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl reports.

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Earth Notes
11:11 pm
Wed December 20, 2006

Church tries to evict school

Village of Oak Creek, AZ – On what could be their very last day at Desert Star School the children put on a holiday program.

CHILDREN: Todos mundos cantan cantan fa la la

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Earth Notes
3:16 am
Fri December 8, 2006

Petrified Forest Expansion on Hold

Petrified Forest National Park – AMBY: Truck rumbles.

Mike Fitzgerald takes pride showing off the rock art on his property.

FITZGERALD: There's enough right here on this ranch my ranch right here to make two national parks

Fitzgerald's land is adjacent to the Petrified Forest National Park. The tall and lanky rancher takes me on a tour of his property pointing out petroglyphs, dinosaur bones, petrified wood and wildlife

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Earth Notes
2:36 am
Tue December 5, 2006

Governors Meet in AZ

Phoenix, AZ – Members of the National Governors Association are
meeting in Arizona this week to figure out how this
country will survive economically. Minnesota Governor
Tim Pawlenty said one thing that drives that global
marketplace is size. But he said many countries are far
larger and have more people both to produce and consume
goods. And Pawlenty said the U.S. isn't going to
undercut other countries on price.

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Earth Notes
2:43 am
Fri December 1, 2006

World Aids Day Hits Home

Flagstaff, AZ – More and more people who are HIV positive have access to effective treatment and prevention. However, the number of people living with AIDS continues to grow as does the number of deaths due to AIDS. It remains the leading cause of death among men and women ages 15 to 59. While most people think of Sub Sahara Africa when they think of AIDS, its reach is local as well as global.

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