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About a third of the Arizonans who bought health insurance on the federal marketplace for 2015 will have to find a new provider following action by state insurance regulators to suspend the state's nonprofit insurance co-op's ability to sell new policies.

The suspension of Meritus Health Partners means about 59,000 people will need new insurance.


The Federal Communication Commission is lowering the rates for in-state telephone calls for prisoners, leaving the Arizona Department of Corrections with a potentially large financial hit.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports that the FCC's decision earlier this month to cap call rates will likely take money away from prison education programs.

Prison calls, which normally cost 24 cents per minute, will now cost 11 cents per minute. Calls typically generate about $4 million a year for the department.

The Arizona House has passed a package of bills that will pump $3.5 billion into K-12 education and settle a five-year-old lawsuit filed by schools that didn't receive required inflation boosts during the Great Recession.

Thursday night's action sends the package of bills to the Senate. It came without any Democratic votes on two of the bills, but with unanimous support for the third bill in the Republican-controlled House. That legislation actually appropriates the money.


Earthlings will get a visitor from outer space this Halloween as an asteroid makes a close approach.

The space rock was discovered earlier this month by astronomers in Hawaii. It will fly past Earth tomorrow at a distance just beyond the orbit of the Moon.

Spirits call out on the wind, and chains scrape the streets at night, or so go the ghost stories of Easter Island. Northern Arizona University archaeologist Britton Shepardson shifted his focus from studying the island’s mysterious and massive stone statues, to founding Terevaka Archaeological Outreach. The nonprofit organization involves local high school students in preserving the vanishing Rapa Nui oral history.

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A fossil discovered in southern Utah adds a turtle with a pig nose to the list of animals that roamed with the dinosaurs.

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Republican state Treasurer Jeff DeWit is urging Arizona lawmakers to revise a deal that would settle a school funding lawsuit.

DeWit said in an email to lawmakers Tuesday evening that the agreement hammered out between Republican lawmakers, schools and Gov. Doug Ducey puts the principal of the state's permanent land trust at risk. If it is adopted without changes he warns it will be tied up in court for years and keep schools from getting additional cash.

The NWS service in Flagstaff has put together a presentation regarding El Niño and it's potential impacts on Arizona. Odds favor a wet Fall and Winter for Arizona.  All six previous strong El Niño winters have been in the wettest third in historical records. 

The action is about to commence as the first strong winter type storm is due in the first week of November. Stay tuned!

A walk in the woods doesn’t usually happen in a landscape of starkly beautiful desert mesas dotted with narrow-leafed yucca and rabbitbrush.

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Republican members of the Arizona House mostly appear supportive of a proposed settlement to a long-running school funding lawsuit, but some are asking tough questions.

Many members briefed Tuesday by GOP leaders and attorneys who represented the state say they'll be happy to see schools get increased funding and to get the five-year-old lawsuit behind them. Others say they need to see the actual language in legislation before they agree to vote yes.