zombies http://knau.org en Zombies and the Tax Code http://knau.org/post/zombies-and-tax-code <p>In a law review article, ASU professor Adam Chodorow warns that the state and the nation are ill prepared for a zombie apocalypse.</p><p>It&#39;s not the public health issues that concern Chodorow.</p><p>It&#39;s that the nation&#39;s tax laws are woefully inadequate to deal with the undead.</p><p>And part of the problem is that there&#39;s no consensus of when someone is truly dead. Even Arizona law is not very specific, saying only that a determination of death must be made in accordance with accepted medical standards.</p> Mon, 16 Jul 2012 16:50:10 +0000 Howard Fischer 17017 at http://knau.org Zombies and the Tax Code