Land Lines en Land Lines-The East Kaibab Monocline <p>The cool pine-scented air of the Kaibab Plateau at 8,000 feet is a respite on a hot day. You might want to stop at Jacob Lake Lodge for one of the best chocolate milkshakes this side of Grand Canyon. Stretch your legs, take a last slurp of that &lsquo;shake, then pedal on down the hill on Highway 89A.</p><p>The road&rsquo;s fairly level at first, but heading east it plunges downhill past yellow-belly ponderosas, through pinyon and juniper, toward sagebrush below, dropping three thousand feet in a hurry. The reason for this impressive hill--the East Kaibab Monocline.</p> Thu, 17 May 2012 11:00:00 +0000 Rose Houk & Michael Collier 13921 at Land Lines-The East Kaibab Monocline